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Vacation Recap #6: Misc. Ship Pictures December 23, 2011

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Since 2 1/2 days of our 7 day trip were spent on the ship, my last vacation post is just a miscellaneous selection of pictures from on the ship.

Monkey and a giant towel elephant


One of the activities for kids that the ship had was a "make your own stuffed animal" workshop. All three kids loved it!


Monkey busy stuffing her bear


Bug with her cat


Monkey with her bear


Jedi with his moose


Formal night #1


Family picture on formal night


Jedi on formal night


Monkey being a goofball!


Towel animal...frog


Bug with the towel elephant. Every night a new towel animal was left in the room by the room stewards. The kids LOVED these!


Towel pig


The kids on formal night #2


Chilling at dinner time


Handsome little man


I love her "sweet" face


Bug really really enjoyed this view....


This is what Bug was looking at...the huge atrium


Towel turtle


Towel Sloth



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