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The supplies have arrived! February 28, 2010

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In order to begin Monkey’s homeschooling, we used part of our tax return to outfit her with the items she’d need for a Montessori-based education for the next 2 1/2-3 years (plus Bitty Bug will get to use them as well.  And as an added bonus, Jedi knows how to use all of the material, so he teaches Monkey how to use them as well).  Today, everything arrived–all 12 boxes of it!  Of course, we’re in the process of moving to our new house, so we can’t really keep everything out of the boxes.

I did take almost everything out for a quick look (except for the bead cabinet, the map shelf, and a couple things that were on backorder…).  We ordered everything from Kid Advance, and I must say, I’m really impressed!  Everything is really nice and well made!

As you can see, it’s a *lot* of stuff.  After letting the kids have a quick look, I packed most of it away until after we move.  I did keep out the pink tower, brown stairs, long rods, and the animal puzzle cabinet to work with until then.   Monkey’s really looking forward to getting started tomorrow!


Welcome to our blog!

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Thank you for dropping by our blog!  This blog is primarily going to be about our adventures in homeschooling Montessori-style.  But, I also plan on blogging about cooking (we are egg, dairy, gluten, nut, artificial color & flavors, trans fat, and refined sugar free!), the earth (we love teaching our kids to enjoy nature and to care for it), and the fun field trips we go on with the kids.

We have three kids.  The oldest is 6 years old and has asperger’s syndrome (a form of autism).  He attends a Montessori school and is in kindergarten.  He loves doing Martial Arts (he is working towards an orange belt in mixed martial arts and is just starting out as a white belt in Tang Soo Do).  He’s a huge Star Wars fan, so for this blog, he’ll be known as Jedi. 

 Our middle child is 3 years old.  She was adopted from Vietnam in 2007.  She is our first one to be homeschooled, and she’ll be working at a preschool level (starting her first year in the 3 year Montessori Children’s House sequence).  She’s also an aspiring gymnast and is obsessed with it!  She’s been taking lessons since she was 11 months old.  For this blog, she’ll be known as Monkey. 

Our  youngest is 13 months old.  She’s a smiley curious little one, and is already running and climbing (and loves to trying to keep up with her older siblings).  In this blog, she’ll be known as Bitty Bug (LOL…probably just Bug as she gets older. 😀 ).  She’ll be doing some toddler-based Montessori activities as well.