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Vacation Recap #5: Costa Maya, Mexico December 23, 2011

Costa Maya was the final port of call for the ship.  And, I’m pretty sure that Costa Maya was also the favorite port of everyone in our family.  It had such a rich culture, beautiful beaches, a fun shopping experience, and a wonderful tour guide!  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the trip!


Our ship, the Carnival Dream, at sunrise in Costa Maya


We were in port by 7 AM (which was only 6 AM in Mexico) so we got to see the sun rise


The water was a bit rough though


The cruise port


Bug by the fountain


Beautiful morning!


We found a huge lookout tower and decided to climb it to get a good look at the surrounding city


It was a tall staircase!


My three little goofballs!


Feeding a baby tiger--he was there as part of a fundraising effort to raise money for a wildlife preserve/rescue


Isn't he precious?


Mexican flag waiving in the breeze


Once we were done exploring the port, we got on the tour bus for a tour of the city and an afternoon at the beach. Here is one of the several roadside restaurants we found.


Some little cottages


We stopped off at a small fishing village for exploring and shopping


Some of the handpainted items inside the main shopping area


One of the local restaurants


A building being constructed....we decided not to get too close. 😉

Some brightly colored blankets


After some shopping, the kids decided to hit the first of two beaches we visited


She's always happiest at the beach


Jedi and Monkey


The water calmed down a bit after the morning waves


Daddy with his baby girl


The kids were having so much fun!


After a bit of time on the beach, we boarded the tour bus to head to a private resort for some snacks and more beach time. Here, the water was a bit rougher, but the kids had fun chasing the waves


Digging a giant hole


The waves were getting pretty high


Bug decided to go pick up some shells....


...then quickly changed her mind


She did find a coconut she was pretty proud of


Afterwards, we headed back to the port


The kids loved this guy



Together, they decided to stage this. Everyone around us was cracking up laughing


Bug wanted a doll from every port--from bottom to top it is the doll from Belize, Cozumel, Honduras, and Costa Maya...and then a very happy Bug.


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