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Field Trip Friday: The ice cream factory! September 3, 2010

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Jedi’s 1st grade class went on a field trip last week to the Velvet Ice Cream factory, and we went along as chaperones.  We thought it’d be fun to see how ice cream is made (nevermind the fact that we’re a family of *4* dairy allergic people.  But, they had sorbet there, so all’s good. 😀 )

The tour started out with a huge water wheel and then continued to a little “school house” where the students heard a lecture about how ice cream is made.  Then everyone went to the viewing window to see the workers making and packaging the ice cream.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the inside of the factory itself because of the way the machines were positioned.  Finally, everyone went outside to enjoy the beautiful grounds and sample some treats.

The huge water wheel.

The pond on the factory grounds. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Jedi & Monkey watching the ice cream being made

Some of the machines

Another view of the pond

The water fowl hanging around the edge of the pond

Bitty Bug walking around towards the playground

Some of the ducks and/or geese laid their eggs in the worst possible place...right next to the sidewalk near the entrance. I tried to keep the kids from touching the eggs, but I suspect that the eggs are abandoned--we never once saw any bird go near them.

Some more birds


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