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Field Trip: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium August 9, 2011

Today, we decided to head to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium with some friends for some socialization time with the kids (as well as a fun outing!)  The Columbus Zoo is a very nice zoo, but very big, so even in the 5 hours we were there, we didn’t come close to seeing everything.  Now, that also might have been in part due to the 20 zillion bathroom trips the kids needed (it was hot and they were chugging the water!) and also due in part to the polar bears being so entertaining that the kids wanted to stay in that one exhibit for well over an hour.  But regardless, we saw about half of the zoo, and the kids had a blast!

Two brown bears


Maybe Monkey should look to her left...


Polar bears wrestling in the water


Taking a break


He really looks like he's doing crunches


My Buggy boo


The bear kept throwing his ball towards us


Polar bears playing


All three of my kids watching the polar bears






The kids brushing a goat




Family Update & Field Trip–trick or treating at the zoo! October 17, 2010

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Because of multiple food allergies, we don’t usually trick or treat around the neighborhood (well, that, and there are no other kids in our neighborhood currently…that kind of puts a kink in the plan! 😉 ).  We usually throw an allergen-free Halloween party for the kids on Halloween, but we do take the kids out trick or treating at an area zoo.  This year, instead of going to the Columbus Zoo, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo to meet up with my sister, her fiance, and my nephew.

A lonely little rose at the zoo.

Monkey as a Pumpkin. This year, we decided to go eco-friendly on the costumes (of course!). All of the costume pieces were either reused, consigned, or bought handmade from Etsy with the intent to repurpose (the hats the girls wore can be used for winter, and the tutus can be used as regular clothes).

Jedi as Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget--this was totally his choice. Not sure what's up with the plaid shoes, but those were also his choice. 😉

The lovely bamboo that was everywhere at the zoo.


The rhino was coming straight at us

Bitty Bug was a ghost.

Jedi was really into character, being all mysterious why watching the animals.

Wild horses (obviously not wild at the zoo. 😉 )

Petting a big snake.



Bug lovin' the zoo!

Bug and Monkey discussing their trick or treating loot

The zebra really close to us

Polar bear

Beautiful pheasant that was loose at the zoo

Asian Elephants

Bug was really into trick or treating. We liked that it was mainly stickers, coloring books, and tooth brushes with 2 or 3 pieces of candy. That way they didn't get too sugared out.

My sweet little baby bug.