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Toddler Tuesday August 23, 2011

Bitty Bug is 2 years 7 months old

I think this might be my last Toddler Tuesday post.  Right now, Bug has decided to join Monkey for almost every work that’s out, so it’s getting rather difficult to try to separate Toddler from Preschool. 🙂  I think starting next week, Montessori Monday will feature both Bug & Monkey.  Bug thinks she’s a big kid preschooler anyhow. 😉

Since we've had a zoo theme going on for the past few weeks, I wanted to see how Bug would do matching animal models to pictures of real animals. Apparently, this was way too easy for Bug, as she did this work once, and in under 30 seconds. Ooops! Apparently this work would have been better done a year before. 😉

She spent the majority of time wondering why I brought her animals downstairs to the school room. 😉

Bug working with the African animals


Bug really loved working with the tray of circles. When she was done, she said "mama! That hard work. I did it!" What a sweet girl!

Bug working with the sea sponge to transfer water from one dish to the other.

Bug's favorite work in the room is still this magnetic fishing game. I'm pretty sure we've had this out for over a year, and she still works with it every single day!

Bug really enjoyed stealing my stapler though. She kept trying to staple every piece of paper she could find (and a couple crayons...I had to put a stop to that one. 😉 ) I'm not sure there are too many things that make Bug more happy than to let her use something that she knows is not a "children's item". She kept trying to staple the paper, then she'd look at the stapler and try to figure out where the staple came from, and then she'd tinker with it trying to figure out how it came out. It was really kind of amazing that a 2 year old can sit there exploring something so simple for so long!


Montessori Monday August 15, 2011

Monkey is 4 years 6 months old

This week, we followed up on our zoo field trip by putting out several works related to zoo animals.  Both Bug and Monkey *loved* this, and they just love animals.  It also worked out well that we are studying South Africa as part of our geography unit, and thus also studying Africa, and African animals!

To help Monkey with her alphabet, I found this *fabulous* product called “The SENSEational Alphabet” by .  This book is absolutely wonderful, especially for those children who may have sensory issues, learning disabilities, or other issues.  With Monkey’s soon-to-be likely diagnosis of autism, along with her sensory issues, this book really helps her learn the way she learns best.  This book hits so many different learning styles–the letter is written on each page, there is a button where the name of the letter and an example of a word starting with that letter are pronounced, each letter is written in Braille, then there is an object on each page to look at.  Often, these objects either have something to smell or something to touch/manipulate.  So, for example, for the letter A, she would see “Aa” and a picture of an apple (which happens to have some tactile texture to it for her to feel), then she could press the red button to hear the “A, a, Apple”.  Then, if she knew Braille (which she doesn’t. LOL!), she could also feel the letter A that way.

Bug and Monkey working with the SENSEational Alphabet book.


To go along with the zoo field trip from last week, I put these animal ice cube trays out, with a zoo themed set of chopsticks. The chopsticks are used to put a pom pom into each opening in the tray.


We try to coordinate Jedi's geography lessons with the girls, so we have a shelf out to focus on South Africa (and in the continent of Africa as well. I have several books on Africa and South Africa, the language card for South Africa, some wooden animal masks from Africa, some musical instruments, and some small stuffed animals that were purchased from a friend who went to Ethiopia.


Using the sandpaper numerals to count zoo animals


Monkey working with the African animals


Close-up of the animal masks


Monkey as a zebra


Bug with the musical instruments


Monkey working with the trinomial cube


Taking a break from the school room to play in the water from the rain garden


Using the water to water the flowers


A butterfly in the rain garden that monkey found


Monkey and Jedi making Vietnamese Summer Rolls for dinner one night


Working with the zoo animal three part cards


Monkey putting South African traditional dress onto the African paper dolls