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2nd grade week in review July 18, 2011

I’m a couple days behind with this post–it was a very busy weekend, and time got away from me.  So, here’s Jedi’s week in review:

Art: This week, Jedi learned about painting live subjects and painting still life.  He did one with oil pastels and 1 with watercolor crayons.  For his live subject, he painted a picture of General Grievous in the movie Star Wars.  For his still life, he colored a picture of his breakfast.

Using oil pastels


His finished life picture--a scene of General Grievous from Star Wars


Health: Last week in Health, Jedi learned that families can help meet the needs of the members of the family.  He learned ways each member of the family helps him, and ways he can help each member of the family with needs.

Spelling: Jedi mastered the remaining single letter sounds this week.

Math: Jedi started solving basic math problems.  He was supposed to be doing it without the abacus, but he was having a difficult time with that and we allowed him to use it.  It seems like he has a very difficult time doing basic math facts in his head but was fine using the abacus.

Using the abacus to solve math problems.


Geography: We discussed ancient Mesopotamia and early forms of writing.  As a project, Jedi made cuneiform writing out of clay.  He realized that it was a lot harder to do than it looked…and a lot more time consuming than writing with the english letters.

Using clay to write in cuneiform.


Working on his history pocket of Ancient Mesopotamia.


Geography: We began our unit on Canada last week.  We talked about Niagara Falls, and also discussed how Canadians can speak both English and French, and that the language is determined by the area of Canada.

US History: Jedi continued to learn more about the Statue of Liberty.  We researched some simple facts about the statue, and Jedi began to design the clay replica of the statue that he wants to make.