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April 21, 2010 April 21, 2010

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Today was a busy day for us!  First off, a big congratulations to Jedi, who had a belt test in one of his two martial arts classes.  He did awesome!  Now he’s a white belt with yellow stripe.

In the montessori room today, it was Monkey and Bitty Bug.  Most of what was in the room today was the same as Monday.  I did put a second set of knobbed cylinders out, as well as a basket of nature-themed items with some magnifying glass.  Monkey really enjoyed the nature basket–I had some grass seeds, tree seeds, grass, dirt, dandilions, and a few other things I found around the  yard.  Bitty Bug enjoyed looking at these too.  I also brought out the color box 1 and both girls were practicing matching the colors.  Monkey is great at matching colors but can’t name them, so we were working on naming the colors as well.  Because of her processing issues, she has a very hard time remembering them.

Both girls decided they wanted to explore the musical instrument cabinet and the animal/insect puzzles today as well.  The instruments were a big hit and both girls were really into them. 

I did notice that Monkey is not willingly choosing the pink tower.  I am keeping it out for her for when she chooses it, but for now, she’s really into exploring the nature basket, sink/float, magnets, and knobbed cylinders.

I did put a bunch of toddler things out for Bug, which Monkey also decided to play with as well.  Both girls really liked the wooden rainbow–Monkey even tried to make a tower out of it!