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Field Trip #1…Beekeeping July 3, 2011

The first field trip we went on this past week was to the Columbus Metropolitan Library to hear a lesson by the Ohio Beekeeper’s Association.  Our homeschool field trip co-op set it up, and it was a great time!

Clover, beeswax, and pollen set up to show the various aspects of a bee's life.

Bug, watching the observation hive

All of the children listened to a brief lecture on the different types of bees, and what it takes to set up a man-made hive

Inside the observation hive

More of the observation hive

Jedi interacting with a bee

Jedi getting a lesson on why the clover in our yard is a good thing

Jedi loved the beekeeper's shirt!

After the lesson, the kids wanted to have a picnic on the library's lawn

My three kiddos

The biggest and the littlest watching the fountain

And taking a little walk...

....and goofing off.

All three really really loved the fountain.


Montessori Monday April 12, 2011

Monkey is 4 years 2 months old

This past week, we ended up doing several different nature studies as our main focus–we hit owls, birds, and insects!  Monkey loves learning about nature, so she really is drawn to nature-based activities.  Although, halfway through the “grosser” parts of the lessons, she decides to pretend things are a bit too gross.  She had me fooled thinking she wouldn’t touch the owl pellets, since she was walking around the room saying “I’m *not* touching owl puke!” over and over again.  Until I looked over and she was totally engrossed in dissecting her pellet and trying to match the bones to her bone chart!

Here are a few pictures from this week’s lessons…

Sorting animal cards into "feathers" or "fur", depending on their external body covering

Birds of Ohio 3 part cards

Close-up of the Birds of Ohio 3 part cards

Using the shoe tying puzzle

We added a bird and a nest to our spring tree!

Sorting birds into "birds that primarily walk on land", "birds that fly", and "birds that go in the water"

Working with the sandpaper letters

Feathers of various birds

Our Birds of Ohio and Owls of Ohio guidebook, and the Owls of Ohio soundtrack, all from our Department of Natural Resources

We also dissected owl pellets this week, and tried to figure out what animal the owls ate.

The replica of an owl's skull I had the kids observe

A couple of the books on the reading shelves for the insect unit

Insect X-Rays and matching cards

Lifecycle of a Bee and various insects in acrylic