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Results of the germs experiment! June 14, 2012

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I posted Monday that we were culturing germs on petri dishes as part of our FIAR unit on Madeline.  The results are in!

All 4 of our petri dishes, about 4 days after we cultured them.

Starting on the top row–this one is the foot one. The cleanest quadrant was Monkey’s on the top, then next to it is mine, on the bottom quadrant is Jedi (who had the most colorful germs), and then Bug’s (she was on antibiotics at the time, so I’m surprised she had many at all. 🙂 )

The other top row culture is antibacterial cream vs none–as you can see, there are a couple colonies in the “dirty” side and the antibiotic side is clear.

Directly underneath that dish is the toothpaste vs no toothpaste dish–you can see a ton of little white circular colonies on the side without toothpaste, and the side with toothpaste is clear (you can see the white streaks of toothpaste though. FWIW, it’s Dora the Explorer Colgate toothpaste. 🙂 It apparently kills germs. )

The last dish is the one we had the kids touch the sample on one side before washing their hands and again after washing with soap. It looks like we need to work on their handwashing skills because both sides had quite a few colonies on them.


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  1. kewkew Says:

    This is very cool

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