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Health curriculum April 24, 2012

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After a lot of searching, I finally came across a health curriculum I want to use with the kids too.  As most of you know, our family has a lot of food allergies, requiring us to avoid a lot of mainstream food options.  We’ve also gone a bit further and cut out a lot of processed foods (except for, of course, peeps at Easter.  Those I can’t give up. LOL!).  We try to eat clean about 80% of the time.  Today I saw an ad for Nutrition 101: Choose Life! in a homeschool mailer and I’m pretty sure I’m ordering it for the kids.  It focuses on each of the body’s symptoms and the nutrients needed to help those systems work.  There appear to be a lot of hands-on activities aimed at getting kids to want to eat healthy.  They are anti-processed foods and pro-Omega 3’s and clean eating!  There is also quite a bit on the importance of de-stressing, exercise, and sleeping.  I look forward to actually getting it into my hands and see if it’s really as great as it looks!

So, I wanted to pass the info on to anyone else who is looking for a more clean eating slant on their health curriculum for the year:

Nutrition 101


3 Responses to “Health curriculum”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    We used this curriculum this year and LOVED it! I try to be careful with what we eat, but sometimes I feel like the nagging mother. It was amazing and awesome to see the kids (ages 6-13) really start to participate and teach me!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    This looks really great, thanks, I book marked it for next year!

  3. Thank you for mentioning our curriculum on your blog! We hope you enjoy the information and the recipes in the book!

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