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Thinking of taking the blog in a new direction… March 14, 2012

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Well, sort of.  I still want to post pictures of the kids’ week in review…eventually.  The whole getting it off the camera, choosing ones to post, uploading them, and then publishing the post thing takes up a lot of time that just doesn’t seem to be there lately.  Then I feel like I’m always behind.  When I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, I didn’t really want it to become a burden.

However, I also feel like there needs to be more going on in here.  I’m not even sure if anyone still reads it.  So, help me out…if you’re reading along, I want to know…what topics would YOU like to see covered, either as weekly features or just stand-alone posts.  Let me know you’re reading along and what you’d like to see!

In addition to our weekly 2nd grade and preschool posts, things we have experience in here:

-International adoption (along with racism, special needs adoption, multicultural families, helping a child deal with the loss of birth parents, etc.)

-Special needs…autism, immune deficiencies, and food allergies.

-Specific school subjects…nature, geography, field trips.

-General tips for homeschooling/what our day looks like

-Curriculum reviews


So, everyone out there…what would you like to see more of?


4 Responses to “Thinking of taking the blog in a new direction…”

  1. Amy Says:

    I enjoy seeing your week in review, but I would never want it to be a burden to you. Maybe each week just pick one kid to feature or cut back the number of pictures that you post. You could even just post when you have time and don’t worry about it covering an entire week, just post what you’ve been up to and perhaps you don’t post for a few weeks after that.

    I think you do a great job with your kids and you blow me away with all the things you create and all the hands on things your kids do.I don’t know how you have time for it all!

    Most importantly put your family first. I had a preschool blog that I gave up because I felt like it was mentally distracting me from my kids when I was worring about getting good pictures to post. I was also spending a lot of time uploading pictures and posting.

  2. I love reading about your school days! Your materials are very interesting,I would like to know more about them:)

  3. allyrae Says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m happy to hear someone reads and likes the ideas. 🙂 Your blog is one of my inspirations–you probably see several of your ideas make their way into my schoolroom posts. 🙂

  4. I used to have 500 blogs in my reader. In Jan/Feb I created a “favorites” folder and moved things over to that as I found that I had repeated bookmarks from a blog or was enjoying reading that blog. The other day I finally got up the nerve to hit “delete” on the blogs that didn’t make it into that folder. You are one of the 50 I kept of course! My favorite posts of yours are the ones your are complaining about of course…I like to see what the kids are working on. I know those big posts can get long. Sometimes it’s nice to just pick a few activities and go into more detail. I will warn you, that I write a lot of “topic” posts in addition to “school day” type posts and the “school day” ones are the FASTEST to write. The topic ones take me FOREVER.

    That said, I would love general tips, what our day looks like, specific works, etc., quite a bit as well so do what makes you happy. My kids don’t have special needs so I tend to skim those posts a bit faster. However, your blog is such a blessing to those homeschooling families that do have children with special needs and I’m sure they would like to read as much about that as possible.

    Jedi is two years older than my oldest so I like to see what he’s doing to think about “where we are headed.” Monkey is right between the boys’ ages, “where we are.” Bitty Bug is, of course, our “where we’ve been.” Your blog is like my personal Montessori multiage classroom for Mommies 🙂

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