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2nd Grade Week in Review February 21, 2012

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Last week, all three kids started back up at their homeschool co-op classes.  Jedi said he LOVED his classes!  He goes once a week and takes a class on weather, gym, art around the world, and nature survival.  Co-op means one less day of work at home though, so there will likely be fewer pictures–in part because of that one less day, and in part because we worked even harder to get all of the work done the rest of the week, so I didn’t always have the camera with me.

Jedi’s also been practicing his Tang Soo Do even more the past couple weeks.  This weekend, he and I compete in the Region 22 Championships.  Jedi is once again competing in forms and sparring.  Last year, he tied for 3rd in the region for forms. 🙂

Here are some pictures from Jedi’s week in review…

I did manage to get quite a few pictures of his art lessons this week. He learned two different ways of print making. The first way was to spread ink with a brayer onto waxed paper.....


...then he drew a picture onto the ink with a blunt object (he used a child's chopstick).


After that, he put a sheet of paper onto the ink and pressed it down.


Finally, Jedi peeled the paper off the ink. Here's Jedi's picture of a tie fighter.


For history, Jedi learned about the rise and fall of Babylon.


Jedi also drew what he thinks the Hanging Gardens of Babylon looked like.


Jedi's 2nd print-making activity. This time, he spread the ink on the wax paper with the brayer. Then he put some paper on top of the ink and drew on the back of the paper.


Jedi's monoprint!


In math, Jedi learned to count money up to $1.00. He also learned how to make change.


Jedi also continued working on journaling and spelling–he finished All About Spelling Level 2!  We do need to go back and review to make sure he remembers it all though–he does have a hard time remembering the concept even he can spell the word correctly the day we study it.  (All About Spelling isn’t like a typical spelling curriculum that has a list of spelling words they study for a week.  AAS teaches concepts instead.)


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