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Montessori Monday February 20, 2012

Montessori Monday

It looks like Montessori Monday might soon be making a big change around here.  Monkey has decided that she wants to start doing some kindergarten-level work.  So, today, we started doing her kindergarten math lessons (from Rightstart Level A) and All About Reading Pre-1.  Right now, it’s still something Bug can participate in too, so I’ll be able to keep them in the same posts, but soon I think we’ll need a Kindergarten posting category!  Then, our Montessori stuff will then be focused on just Bug, which means it’s time to start all over at the beginning of the 3 year cycle.  It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago, we started our first homeschooling blog with Monkey’s 3 year old lessons!  Now, she’s done with a lot of the Montessori work we purchased and is ready to move on to the next step. 🙂  It’s kind of weird leaving behind Tot School with Bug and now starting Kindergarten with Monkey!

Here are some pictures from Bug and Monkey’s week in the schoolroom!


Bug and Monkey both LOVED this work. We took two chairs and some yarn to make a clothesline. Then the girls used clothespins to hang up cloth napkins.


Bug working on the screwdriver board.


Cutting paper hearts (I drew an outline on the paper and the girls cut them out, and then decorated them for Valentine's Day)


Bug is so proud of her heart!


Monkey working on some addition problems.


Her finished math problems.


Monkey and Bug decorating some chocolate oreo truffle hearts for Valentine's Day dessert.


Apparently Monkey does NOT like cutting tomatoes. The girls were helping cut various vegetables for a salad.


Jedi was helping to make a fruit salad.


Monkey wanted to do some drawing last week as well. She was making a garden picture for the ostrich sticker.


Bug LOVED playing in the pink shaving cream. For Valentine's Day, we added red food coloring to the shaving cream, making it pink.



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