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Field Trip: The Works Science & History Museum January 31, 2012

Last week, we decided to play hooky from homeschooling on Friday and meet up with a friend at The Works Science and History Museum in Newark, Ohio.  We used to go to this museum all of the time when we lived in Newark, but since we moved a ways away two years ago, we haven’t been there very often.  It’s a small museum, but the kids love it!  Usually we stay on the main level with all of the science stations, but this time, the kids also wanted to venture upstairs to the area of the museum that talks about the county’s history.

Monkey trying to balance on the skateboard.


Monkey and her new friends. 😉


Bug tossing marbles into the hole.


When the sign said to hang, Monkey had her own interpretation of it....


Bug making a car.


Racing her car.


Jedi building a car.


Bug working with magnets.


Monkey and Jedi with the snap circuits. Jedi was trying to show her how to make a fan.


Monkey and Bug decided to go to the toddler area and pretend to paint a fence.


Monkey with the glow writer.


Jedi loved the lasers!


Here, Jedi was jumping and tossing little felt circles onto the velcro strips.


Playing magnet tug of war with a friend.


Bug making the ball balance on the air stream.


Jedi and his friend trying to make the rings spin on the platform (which was spinning in the opposite direction.)


Monkey and the light table.


Jedi looking at the samples of flint.


Bug playing with the wooden boat. This was in the area about the canals in the county.


The kids loved looking at all of the artifacts from early Ohio!


A life-sized replica of an old factory.


Replica of a mastodon's foot!


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