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Montessori Monday…on Wednesday January 25, 2012

Montessori Monday
Almost caught up!  A couple days late, here is the week in review for the girls!  This week, our primary focus was on ancient things–pyramids, fossils, dinosaurs, cave paintings, etc.


Monkey was working with the beads to make the pyramid.


Using a magnifying glass to look at fossils


Sorting dinosaurs


Matching fossils to the guide


Excavating replicas of fossils


Monkey and Bug excavating the fossils


Bug using tongs to carry the fossils from the bowl to the matching picture


Monkey and her sorted dinosaurs


Bug using the brush to get sand off the fossil


Using dinosaurs and sandpaper numerals to count dinosaurs


The dinosaurs on the numbers


Fingerpainting, cave style. We crumpled brown paper to resemble uneven cave walls, and then Bug used her finger to paint a design in red paint. Before she did, we looked at pictures of cave paintings in Jedi's history book.


Monkey will.not.fingerpaint. So, she was happy that I had left a brush on the easel for her.


Bug *loves* fingerpainting though. 🙂 She wanted extra stuff to paint.


4 Responses to “Montessori Monday…on Wednesday”

  1. Awesome dinosaur activities! My kids used to love fossil “excavations,” too. I featured your dinosaurs on sandpaper numerals photo and sandpaper numerals posts in my Inexpensive and DIY Sandpaper Numerals at,

  2. Hi Allison! Thanks for the comment! I love your blog too 🙂 After Halloween I got packs of dinosaurs on clearance, and we will definitely be doing a dino sort next time we do a dino theme. Boogie will probably be counting soon so we can use the dinos as counters too. Such great ideas. Thank you for sharing at WOTT! Hope to see you back this week!

  3. I love your trays! We did dinosaurs a couple months back, too. Such a great theme. I would love for you to share this post at What’s on the Tray Wednesday.

  4. Jeanne Says:

    I love watching the kids learn and all the amazing and fun ways you think of to teach!! It looks like you have inexhaustible resources! The children always seem so enthralled in their work. I know these kids and they are bright little beings!! I’m so glad that I know you Allison! Keep up the great work everyone! Super good job guys!!

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