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Jedi's week in review January 25, 2012

Filed under: Lower Elementary,Nature Studies — Barefoot in Suburbia @ 8:18 pm

Last week, Jedi spent most of his time working on a mineral identification project for earth science.  He had 6 minerals out of his 15-mineral kit that I wanted him to identify using several tests.  He did a really good job with doing the tests!

Using a hand lens to look at the physical characteristics of each mineral.


Using the streak test to see what color streak each mineral leaves on the streak plate.


This mineral left a grey streak.


Using various objects to determine the hardness of each mineral by seeing if each item could scratch the mineral. He used his fingernail, a copper penny, steel nail, piece of glass, the streak plate, and a piece of sandpaper.


Testing the luster of each mineral.


Checking to see which minerals were magnetic.


The final results of the minerals were: feldspar, magnetite, mica, pyrite, quartz crystal, and talc.

Along with mineral identification, he also did daily journaling, as usual.  He also worked on his spelling and math, as well as finished up his unit on Ancient Egypt.  Finally, he did some work on the periodic table with identifying how many energy levels each element has.



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