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Vacation Recap #3: Roatan, Honduras December 23, 2011

Our next stop on our trip was Roatan, Honduras.  For this port, we chose not to go on the cruise excursion and instead we hired a private tour guide.  This proved to be quite the adventure–we were able to see a ton of things that are not available on cruise excursions.  We were also able to eat from a cute little local restaurant (although with Bug’s FPIES, even though we ordered something that should have been safe for her, she had a serious FPIES immune reaction to her meal).  But, I had the most delightful garlic fish, and the fish was caught right on the island that day!  We are not the type of travelers that enjoy sitting in the typical tourist destinations.  We love to see the culture, the day-to-day life, and experience the local cuisine and customs.  Our tour gave us that, and a lot more!

Our tour guide, Ann, from Victor Bodden’s tour company (Bodden Tours) was fantastic!  She was really patient with the kids and it was a pleasure having her show us beautiful Honduras!  And it was extra nice that her van was air-conditioned!  That was very much appreciated. 🙂

Beautiful Honduras early in the morning


We started off on the Mahogany Bay end of Roatan, but we ended up seeing most of Roatan by the end of the day.


Some music being played at the cruise port


I tried to take a lot of pictures of the "real life" aspect of Roatan


Look at this gorgeous view!! We did learn a very important lesson though..........always keep both feet on the dirt. The tour guide and our family went up to a deck that overlooked a very very steep cliff down to that beautiful ocean. I was holding Bug and the board we were standing on collapsed (it must have rotted out from underneath). Thank God all that resulted was a lot of bruises on foot had gone all the way through the board though. For the first time ever, I think I was thankful for my "childbirthing hips" which stopped Bug and I from falling all the way through. LOL!!! But hey, it was an amazing view, and a little adventure to boot!


There were some beautiful vacation properties and villas along the ocean


This was another gorgeous view of the ocean.


There is so much green in Honduras! Beautiful!

One of our stops that day was to Victor Bodden's Monkey Business. This place was so much fun!!! You actually got to go in the cages with the capuchin monkeys. This was probably the highlight of the day!


Bug wasn't fond of the monkey climbing on her head, so she very willingly let the employee hold her.


There were also parrots and macaws to hold.


This little guy was so friendly!


Monkey wasn't too fond of any animal that attempted to touch her.


Jedi and his bird


These are my new little buddies!


I love the monkey's face.... "Holy cow, this person's short!"


This little guy was a pickpocket


Toucan Sam


After playing with the monkeys and birds, we went for lunch. Here was the restaurant we ate at--the food was delicious, even though poor Bug had an allergic reaction to it. I'm glad we were able to eat in a local restaurant though, but we did learn not to have any more meals off the ship with Bug.


Beans & rice, garlic fish, & fried plantains.


After lunch, we took some backpacks full of school supplies to a local orphanage. The kids at the orphanage were all boys around Jedi's was fun to watch them all play soccer in the yard, even if my kids were too shy to join in.


The boys at the orphanage teaching another tourist (from a different tour group) how to play soccer.


At the end of the day, Ann took the kids and I to the beach, while Dave went ziplining through the jungle!


A warm day, beautiful white sand, and a gorgeous blue sea...what's not to like?


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