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Jedi's week in review December 5, 2011

And before we leave for the rest of our busy night (Monkey’s testing for her next belt in Tang Soo Do tonight, and then we have a lot of packing to do!), here are some pictures from Jedi’s week of homeschooling.


Jedi working on his water color painting using a technique called "water wash"--you paint the entire paper with water first, and then add the paint.


In history, Jedi continued to work on the Code of Hammurabi. After reading about the laws, Jedi picked one that he did not like and altered it to be more fair in his eyes. Then he created his own code of 10 "laws" he would have if he was in charge.


Jedi working on math--this week we started doing simple multiplication! Jedi actually did really well with it, which is very surprising considering the difficulties he has with addition. But he loved multiplication. He also loved hiding under the beanbag chair to do it.


In science, Jedi learned about vertebrates. Here, he is cutting pictures out of a magazine and categorizing whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates.


He then used the light table to look at x-rays of vertebrates


Counting 100 beads as part of the 100th day of homeschool celebration


Jedi describing his oil pastel drawing of the sun


In math, we also started learning about reading a clock. Jedi's counting in multiples of five so far.


Learning about photovoltaics (solar power). He's making some solar powered robots here.


The solar power plane can fly!


The solar powered car was zooming across the porch as well.


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