Barefoot in Suburbia

Homeschooling & Special Needs, Inspired by the Montessori Way

Washington DC Day 2: National Zoo November 15, 2011

On day 2, we hopped on the metro bus down to the Smithsonian National Zoo.  Jedi, Monkey, my husband, and I have been there once before, but this was Bug’s first time.  While she did manage to sleep through most of it, she did get to see her favorite animal–an elephant.  She was so excited to see them so close-up!

This little guy kept splashing around! The kids loved him!


Beautiful peacock


Jedi getting a lesson from a zookeeper about feathers


Bug admiring a feather


Bug's favorite--an elephant!


One walked right under the boardwalk! Bug was thrilled!


Monkey on a panda


A gorgeous Giant Panda




Cheetah pretty close to us


Cute little meerkat


Jedi's favorite...the jellyfish!



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