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Washington DC Day 1 November 15, 2011

I have pictures from a few weeks ago when we did work in the homeschool room, but I’ll post them in a few days.  Last week, we were in Washington DC (my husband was doing some training for work, and we decided to tag along).  We had a lot of things lined up for the week, so I have quite a few posts coming with pictures.

Day 1 was very interesting.  We are pretty rural kind of people so being smack in the middle of a big city and needing to navigate it is pretty interesting.  Add in the fact that the GPS on my phone wasn’t working well, so I was going at it old fashioned (walking without a GPS!  LOL!), and we’re going to call it an adventure!

So, before I get to the pictures…a little riddle.  Take 2 kids with autism and plop them in the middle of Washington DC right where all the fun is.    Now, tell me what they thought was the most interesting part…..the part the couldn’t stop talking about….the part they OBSESSED about, begging our tour guide to let them see it one more time…..  Wait for it…..



The escalators.  Yep.  The older two were absolutely obsessed with escalators (so lucky for them, we encountered them a lot–on the metro, in the Capitol building, etc.).  Goofy kids!

Anyhow….  Day 1, we went to the  National Botanic Gardens, the Supreme Court building, and then our state representative had one of his staffers, Abby, give us a tour of the Capitol building (we even got to sit in the Representatives’ Gallery…we weren’t allowed to take pictures in it, and there were no Representatives in it, but it was still very very awesome.  This is the room that is on CSPAN a lot, and it is the one where the State of the Union address is given each year.)


The capitol building from the street


Supreme Court building


The kids in front of the Capitol


Beautiful Washington DC in the fall


There are several carved replicas of DC buildings at the National Botanic Gardens


Bug loved looking at the replicas!


Pitcher Plant


One of the statues at the pool in back of the Capitol

The kids climbing the Capitol steps (they actually didn't go into the Capitol from here. We had to go across the street to our state representative's office and from there, we got to take a really cool underground tunnel into the Capitol!)


Jedi found the Ohio office! Huge thank you to Mr. Tiberi's staff for setting up a really awesome tour for us!


Inside the old Supreme Court chambers before the Supreme Court moved from the Capitol to its own building


This is what is inside of that huge dome!


Monkey going up the stairs at the Supreme Court--almost all the stairs in any DC office building seemed to be marble! Beautiful, but I bet it's pretty slick in the winter!


If you look carefully, you can see the justices inside the chambers talking!

A gorgeous spiral staircase at the Supreme Court building


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