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Field Trip: The Wilds October 26, 2011

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The Wilds was in the national news quite a bit a week ago, as they were one of the organizations called to assist with the escaped African animals in Zanesville, Ohio.  Just a couple days before that incident, we visited The Wilds.  The kids always have a great time seeing the animals and going on the safari bus.  This time, it was really windy, so the animals weren’t as active as they had been in the past, but the kids still were able to see a lot of them (I just wasn’t able to get many good pictures).  Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Beautiful fall day!


Bug on the bus and ready to go


It's always an amazing sight to see herds of African and Asian animals just grazing here in Ohio


A camel...this little guy kept trying to eat the trim off the bus!


Przewalski's wild horses


One of several gorgeous lakes on the property


Sichuan Takin


One of the many native Whitetail Deer that roam the fields


Bug and her daddy (the other kids were here too...not sure how they neglected to be in front of the camera. 😉 LOL!)


Banteng...I think?


One of the new ostrich


Another shot of the beautiful scenery


There were a lot of animals that didn’t make it into the pictures–we saw rhinos (including a little baby one!), some zebras, bison, etc., but they weren’t close enough for a clean picture. 🙂



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