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Field Trip: Santa Maria & Cosi October 26, 2011

As I mentioned a few posts ago, our week and a half off school was filled with field trips.  One of the field trips we had planned was to visit the Santa Maria replica in Columbus, Ohio in honor of Columbus Day.  However, that plan didn’t really come to fruition.  We went to it and were able to see the ship, but due to various circumstances, we weren’t able to tour the ship that day.  We did decide to head across the street and visit Cosi, the children’s science museum in Columbus.

Bug walking by the river


The Santa Maria replica


A display of various knots.


Bug at the Dora exhibit at Cosi


Working in the animal rescue center.


Monkey with Diego


Jedi making a giant metal dinosaur move

Jedi and Monkey are in this submarine...


Playing with the water bells


Jedi forming a pipe system


Bug operating some moon robots


Bug loved the exhibit where you could make a short animated video with the astronaut pieces.



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