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Field Trip: Ohio Historical Society October 26, 2011

The Ohio Historical Society was on the list for our week of field trips.  While we were just at OHS a few months ago, they were debuting a couple new exhibits, so we went to see them.  As always, the kids had a ton of fun at the historical museum.  OHS really does a nice job of making Ohio history interesting to even the youngest kids!


The kids in front of the mastodon....they love this thing!


A side shot of is absolutely huge!


An artifact from the archeology exhibit


A petroglyph from the archaeology exhibit


Bug and a reconstructed bowl


Jedi finding where he was born on the map


One of the exhibits was called "Controversy", which was an exhibit of things that have caused a controversy in Ohio. The exhibit was very powerful and lead to some fantastic discussions with Jedi. However, we didn't take many pictures of the exhibits simply because of the nature of the exhibit. One of the most powerful pieces was the KKK robe....we had a good discussion with the kids on the consequences of hate after viewing that. This was something a little less difficult in terms of choosing something to photograph--the electric chair, which has now been banned from use in Ohio.


Jedi thought this was interesting--a contraption used to keep infants from sucking their thumb (notice Jedi's nervous thumb position.... LOL!) He thought that was horrible...I had to tell him that you can actually still buy similar devices today, which is pretty sad. 😦


OHS did a fabulous job in compiling articles on each of the pieces on exhibit, so we were able to show Jedi how the pieces were used and what the significance of each was.


Hieroglyphics.... Since Jedi had just learned about these, he found them very interesting.


"I have no clue why a mummy is in a museum about Ohio history!"


Jedi and a spinning wheel


Monkey and Bug pretending to prepare a meal at the pioneer house


Bug churning pretend butter


Bug & the Bell. 😀


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