Barefoot in Suburbia

Homeschooling & Special Needs, Inspired by the Montessori Way

Field Trip: Pumpkin Farm #1 October 24, 2011

As part of our weeks off from school not so long ago, the kids went to two separate pumpkin farms.  One was part of a field trip with our homeschool co-op and the other trip was a family trip.  Here are the pictures from the first visit to the pumpkin farm…

The kids jumping on a hay bale mountain


The kids all attended a lecture on rings on a tree


Getting ready to ride the barrel train


Jedi on the train


Monkey on the train


The kids listening to a lecture on pollination


Trying to find the queen bee


Learning how grains from the farm are used in different food products


The kids pretending to drive an old tractor


Bug liked this one!


I told Bug, Jedi, and Monkey to try to navigate out of the corn maze...I went in with them, but they were the ones responsible for getting us out before dark. 😉


Jedi apparently making corn angels


Driving the tractors and bikes


Monkey burying Jedi in corn


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