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Apparently this is becoming a theme…. October 24, 2011

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Yes, I realize I am way behind.  That seems to be a common theme lately.  I’m thinking maybe a set posting schedule isn’t a good thing for me because I have them set up on days that are already very busy.  So, instead, I’ll continue posting, but I won’t necessarily commit to doing it on a certain day.  I’m thinking that’s just setting me up for failure.  (Not sure what to call it if not Montessori Monday though. LOL!).  We are also in the middle of Jedi’s IEP meeting and setting Monkey’s IEP process up, so we’ve been knee deep in paperwork and assessments and meeting this past week

Coming up this week:

-Halloween/fall themed Montessori work

-A huge catch-up on Jedi’s work

-Field trips to The Wilds, the Columbus Zoo, Cosi, and the Ohio Historical Society

Hopefully, I get that all caught up before we leave in a couple weeks for Washington DC. 🙂



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