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Field Trip #2: Stratford Ecological Farm October 11, 2011

Field trip #2 last week was to the Stratford Ecological Farm in Delaware, Ohio.  Growing up in rural Michigan, I was surrounded by farms and farm animals, and I sometimes forget my little suburban kiddos aren’t going to grow up seeing cows and pigs up close and personal on a frequent basis.  We do have cornfields and soybean fields surrounding the subdivision, but it’s not the same.  However, farms like the Stratford Farm gives the kids opportunities to see and touch farm animals and learn more about where food comes from and how to care for animals.  We went on this trip with our local homeschool field trip group and the kids all had a blast!


Sheep on the farm


Jedi petting a baby chicken


Jedi holding the baby chicken


Bug in the chicken coop


Cute little baby


But with a freshly laid egg


The kids feeding the chickens


Jedi milking a goat


Feeding the goat


Climbing up the hay bales


Lunch time for the pigs


These newly weaned pigs were not quite being so nice...the one in the front corner was sticking his head under the other pig and flipping him up in the air.


Climbing trees after lunch


Monkey doing gymnastics on the tree


Hiking through the woods with the family from The Attached Mama

The Attached Mama

Walking across the creek

Monkey turning a log into a balance beam


Bug smiling on a log


Monkey and Jedi giving me a heart attack. 😉



Brave souls they are. LOL!


One Response to “Field Trip #2: Stratford Ecological Farm”

  1. Sharla Says:

    Sounds like a great field trip with a lot of hands-on learning opportunities! I know that my kids love any outing that involves the outdoors and animals.

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