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Field Trip #1–Apple Orchard October 11, 2011

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This week and last, we have a ton of field trips that were scheduled.  The weather has been gorgeous and it’s perfect for cramming in all of those last-minute trips before winter sets in.  So, I have quite a few field trip posts to catch up on.  So far, we’ve done the apple orchard, a farm with animals, and two pumpkin farms.  Coming up for the rest of this week is a trip to Columbus Ohio’s Santa Maria, Cambridge Ohio’s The Wilds, and the Ohio Historical Society.  And there are several more trips in the pipe-line for the coming weeks–the Columbus Zoo, COSI (science museum in Columbus), and a special trip to Washington DC.  See?  I told you we had a whole lot of trips to cram in while the weather is still good. 🙂  Some days I think the home part of homeschooling is a bit of a misnomer….

So, for this post, a brief recap of apple picking at the apple orchard.  This was a trip we almost skipped this year.  Our favorite orchard’s apple crop was completely destroyed by the weird weather pattern this year and time got away from us.  However, Monkey insisted on picking apples this year, so we managed to find an orchard that still had apples this late in the season…

Bug and Jedi picking apples


Monkey finding the perfect apple


Me and my little Buggy Boo


As you can tell, there was probably more apple eating than apple picking... But we all had fun...and the kids got a snack out of the deal. 😉


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