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2nd grade week in review October 11, 2011

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This week and last were scheduled to be time off for homeschooling since we didn’t take much time off in the summer.  However, I decided to go on “minimal work” instead of completely off.  We have six field trips that were lined up for this week and last, and I am sprinkling a few other pieces of work in so that we can take more time off in November and December than we had originally planned (we are going to Washington DC so my husband can attend a business trip, and then our big trip to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize is coming up in December, so we wanted to make sure we could take the time off we needed from school without falling behind. 🙂  )


So, I don’t have a whole lot for Jedi’s week in review but I do have a few things….


One of Jedi's art projects was "art on fabric" as a continuation of places where art can be found. So, using an old cut up t-shirt and some oil pastels, Jedi created a drawing on the fabric, and then we ironed it to seal the oil pastels to the material.


Jedi working on some spelling words


Jedi and Bug learning about air and the fact that air takes up space.


Jedi observing air moving through water by trapping air under a glass and then tilting the glass to release the air.


Jedi with his "stained glass" picture. Using tissue paper and construction paper, he made an art project to replicate stained glass windows of ancient cathedrals.


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