Barefoot in Suburbia

Homeschooling & Special Needs, Inspired by the Montessori Way

Around the World–Australia September 6, 2011




This week, we finished our unit on Australia.  The first week of our 2 week unit is usually our “academic” week and the 2nd week of each unit is usually our “fun” unit.  So, this week was the fun week!


All of the kids watched several short videos on the Great Barrier Reef. They enjoyed taking a virtual tour and learning all about the different animals that can be found in the reef. They also watched a documentary about life in Australia.


Monkey washing potatoes for our Australian meal--meat pie!


Jedi scrubbing and peeling carrots for the pie


Monkey mixing the pie crust


Jedi cutting potatoes


Bug helping out!


Here is what the meat pie looked like before we put on the top crust.


Jedi's painting--he learned about the traditional Aborigine style for painting, using a lot of dots and lines surrounding the items in the picture. Then he attempted to replicate the style.


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