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Field Trip: Franklin Park Conservatory–Butterflies & Blooms August 30, 2011

This week, we took a field trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio.  During the summer, the conservatory has a program called “Butterflies and Blooms” where they released newly emerged butterflies into the gardens.  The tropical/non-native species are released to an indoor garden and the native species are released outside to the pollinator gardens.  Since we raise butterflies to release in early September every year, it was the perfect opportunity for the kids to see the life cycle happen on a larger scale…with hundreds of chrysalids!

The Franklin Park Conservatory has a permanent Chihuly collection, and so Chihuly's works were incorporated into every exhibit.


I loved this was a glass ceiling with this Chihuly work sitting on top of it.


Some cacti in the desert room.


Some smaller cacti


Blown glass pumpkins in a pumpkin patch


Blown glass pears under a pear tree


We all sat in on a lecture on glass blowing


Some Chihuly pieces floating in a koi pond


Jedi watching the fish


Cute little Bug


Beautiful flower in the Tropical Rainforest indoor butterfly exhibit


This blue butterfly was huge! It's hard to see from this picture, but he was easily the size of my hand.


Bug and her daddy


Monkey & Jedi


As she was releasing the butterflies, she gave a talk on the different types she had in her container. We also went to the release of the native butterflies later that afternoon, where she gave a lecture on the lifecycle and migratory patterns of monarch butterflies.


Bamboo garden


Some glass winged butterflies emerging


Walking to the outdoor gardens


It was well past naptime for Bug


Some flowers in the Pollinator Garden


Some pitcher plants


Another pitcher plant


Sunflowers on a gorgeous day


A huge bee doing his job in the Pollinator Garden




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