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Around the World: Australia Week 1 August 30, 2011

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This week, we began our 2 week unit on Australia.  For every country, we spend 2 weeks learning about the culture and geography of that country.  The first week is typically the “academic” week…I put out the new culture shelf and the kids can explore the items from that country.  We also learn about the animals, map, flag, & lifestyle in that country.  Finally, we listen to music from the country.  Week two is usually a week of experiencing the culture…crafts & projects, as well as a meal of traditional foods from the country.

The culture shelf set up for Australia. It has the greeting card in the native language, books, photos, some replicas of animals, a boomerang, an aborigine kangaroo magnet, and some Australian currency.


A closeup of the magnet and currency


Some photos from Australia (the one of the blue water was from our Little Passports kit from several months ago)


Some animals from Australia


And as usual, Bug *loves* playing with the tiny animals!


Jedi trying to learn how to throw a boomerang


Jedi had to do a big more than simply exploring the shelf.  He learned the names and a fact about 7 different Australian animals, and then had to choose one to do a brief report on.  He chose the Clownfish.  He also read from the book Children Just Like Me to learn what life is like for children in Australia.  He colored the Australian map and mapped out the capital of Australia & the Great Barrier Reef.  Finally, all of the children listened to, danced to, and learned the words to the Kookaburra song.


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