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Field Trip: Camping August 23, 2011

The reason most of my weekly posts have been late this week is that we spent the weekend camping at a local lake.  Since most of our local school districts went back to school this week, it was our “Not Going Back To School” celebration.   (I do have to say, after 3 years of actually sending Jedi off to school, it was also very strange to *not* send him off to school this year.  But Jedi said he does not miss all of the hoopla that goes along with the first day of school.  I think he does miss the part about seeing some of your friends for the first time in 3 months, but I can’t even be so sure about that.  He recently saw a friend from his former school–they both were at the same store at the same time.  He was all excited to see the child, but then didn’t say a word to them when they saw each other.  It was more along the lines of “yay, he still exists even though I don’t go to school with him anymore”.  Aaaah, such is autism.)

Anyhow, the camping trip….  It started off a bit rough, as the first several hours were filled with a string of thunderstorms and drenching rains.  That was enough to clear out the lake and cause everyone who wanted to camp to give up and go home.  After they left, and the lake closed for the day, we had the entire campground to ourselves!  It was really fun to have the entire place to ourselves to run around, be loud, swim, fish, play games, hike, and explore.  The kids and I also had a project where we tried to find items in nature that were shaped like letters.  We managed to find every single letter!  Here’s a preview letter…I’ll have to put something together on the blog to show off the entire project once the photos are edited (I want to turn them into black & whites).


Jedi's big find! We were having trouble finding the letter N, and suddenly, he noticed these 3 trees!


Bug peeking out of the tent


We were at a lake. Yet the kids decided that this mud puddles was more fun. 😉



Jedi making waves


Monkey playing frisbee


Jedi kicking the soccer ball. Nice kick!

Not so nice kick. He kind of got in trouble for this a few seconds later...thankfully it missed Bug's head.

The kids and their daddy playing volleyball

Bug after a swim

A beautiful little flowerbud

Jedi trying to catch minnows

Bug and Jedi looking for minnows

Jedi's "big" catch!

Monkey fishing

Jedi fishing

Beautiful peaceful lake

Perfect day for camping!

My baby and me...

Bug looking at a flower

Then she found and orange one to go with her pink one

She's tearing the petals off now.

Monkey and her caterpillar she found


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