Barefoot in Suburbia

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Our newest little creature… August 7, 2011

This has been the summer of up close and personal nature studies.  First we had the kildeer eggs, and then the robin eggs.  This week, I was in the garden, and while picking peppers, I accidentally touched a squishy gross feeling thing.  Turns out, it was a tomato hornworm.  So, of course, I brought it inside for the kids to observe…naturally, they decided that it must go in a jar to watch the lifecycle…

It's actually kind of unbelievable how big these things are!


Jedi feeling how squishy it was


Monkey thinking it was really cool to look at, but wouldn't touch it for the life of her.


Then she changed her mind...for about 2 seconds.


Mr. Hornworm's new least until he turns into a moth.



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