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"So, when do you plan on going back to work?" August 5, 2011

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Next to “how will your kids be socialized?”, it seems like “when do you plan on going back to work?” is a question many people feel the need to ask (usually in conjunction with “well, aren’t you just wasting your degree?”).  After picking my jaw off the floor, I usually just mutter something like “I’ll get a paying job when it’s time for me to get one” or “sometime after graduate school” (I am currently working on my doctoral dissertation) and just leave it at that. But in reality, I’m pretty sure being a homeschooling mom to 3 children, 2 with special needs, counts as work. 🙂  I just sat down and hammered out the fall schedule, and here’s what it looks like so far…



-PSR (Catholic Religious Education)–Jedi & Monkey will be in both a religious education class and children’s liturgy–I also teach preschool/kindy PSR & children’s liturgy.


-Family Hike and/or library time



-Full homeschool day (9 AM-5 PM), or half day with a field trip mixed in (it sounds long, but Jedi takes breaks after each subject, as well as lunch, and some outside time…)

-Tang Soo Do (Jedi has a class that I assist in, and then I have my class)



-Jedi’s occupational therapy

-Monkey’s behavior/individual therapy

-Jedi’s behavior/individual therapy

-Jedi’s group social skills therapy



Homeschooling (9 AM-4:30 PM)

-Jedi, Monkey, and I all have Tang Soo Do classes (and I assist in Jedi’s.  Jedi also assists in Monkey’s)



-Homeschool Co-Op (9 AM-2 PM)

-Jedi’s occupational therapy



-Monkey & Bug’s gymnastics classes (while Jedi works on schoolwork)

-Monkey’s group social skills therapy



Jedi & I have Tang Soo Do classes


Jedi & I tend to have longer school days a couple days a week to compensate for the days we are out of the house–we also go full year, with breaks every 1.5-2 months or so instead of a long 3 month summer break.  So far this summer, he’s gotten almost a quarter of the 900 hours Ohio requires already completed, which gives us some flexibility for the rest of the school year (we’ll likely be far over 900 hours since we also don’t have to deal with snow days and inclement weather days! 😉 )

Lesson planning happens after dinner each night, with a bigger lesson planning session happening over the weekends.  I’m pretty sure the kids and I are pretty busy (and as you can see, they have plenty of social opportunities too!).  And I’m thinking I’ve got the “work” part covered. 😉

And as for when I plan on entering the workforce that pays in actual cash?  I guess the answer is “when what we are doing now is no longer the best choice for us”.  I’m not entirely sure that homeschooling 3 children, including special needs children, preschool through high school is a waste of a degree anyhow. 🙂


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