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Field Trip #4: Creeking/Natural Play Area at Prairie Oaks Metropark August 3, 2011

The final field trip last week was to Prairie Oaks Metropark to play in the natural play area.  This metropark is quite a ways from our house, but because we were already out at the art museum, we just kept going. 🙂

The kids walking down the trail in the woods


The kid sin the creek with their nets


Bug trying to decide whether to get wet


Look what they caught! A big and little crawfish


Trying to catch more...


In the end, they ended up with one toad and several crawfish.  They also learned that if they want to catch the crawfish, they need to move around the rocks…so they had a lot of fun moving as many rocks as they could. 🙂


As always, comments are welcome, either here or on our facebook page.  Let me know you’re reading along!


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