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Field Trip #3: Columbus Museum of Art August 3, 2011

The third field trip we took last week was with the homeschool group to the Columbus  Museum of Art.  The last time we were there, the entire museum was undergoing renovations.  This time, the remodeling is finished, and the museum looks spectacular!  In addition to the wonderful works on display, there is now a large (and very fun) children’s area, as well as children’s activities integrated throughout the museum’s regular exhibits.

Monkey using the magnetic utensil display to attempt to create a face.


Jedi trying to make a face with the other magnetic display.


Jedi taking a moment to relax in a nook.


Jedi & Monkey in the fort building area


Monkey & Bug using the animal parts to create new animals.


Still working on their creations.


Bug looking at the animal displays


Bug & Monkey making a magnetic sculpture


Bug & Monkey sculpting


A beautiful work by Chihuly


The kids making sculptures out of packing peanuts and rubber bands


Jedi working with some friends from The Attached Mama (


A lovely piece of art created with scraps of fabric. I'm pretty sure we will have the kids try to recreate this later.


As always, comments are welcome, either here or on our facebook page.  Let me know you’re reading along!


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