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Field Trip #1…Cosi Science Museum, Columbus, Ohio August 1, 2011

I’m finally back home, settled in, and ready to catch up on a whole list of posts….coming up today, pictures from the *4* field trips we went on last week.


The first field trip we went on was to the Cosi science museum in Columbus, Ohio.  The kids always love this museum, and there is always so much to do for children of all ages.  We never get through the entire museum in one visit simply because there is just so *much* to do to keep the kids’ attention!


Jedi in the Space Exhibit, pretending to use the astronaut bathroom

Learning a little robotics... The kids were able to control these replicas of the robotics used for space exploration.

Jedi controlling the water stream


Monkey trying to control the water stream


Bug wanted to avoid the water play at all in her daddy's arms.


Jedi balancing a ball on a stream of water.


Jedi inside of an old submarine


Jedi trying to control where the laser was aimed using mirrors.


Playing with electricity


Using pullies to pull himself to the top


Monkey using the pully


Bug riding a little scooter


Bug in the toddler water area


Bug & Monkey in the toddler water area


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