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Homeschooling & Special Needs, Inspired by the Montessori Way

Field Trip #1…Beekeeping July 3, 2011

The first field trip we went on this past week was to the Columbus Metropolitan Library to hear a lesson by the Ohio Beekeeper’s Association.  Our homeschool field trip co-op set it up, and it was a great time!

Clover, beeswax, and pollen set up to show the various aspects of a bee's life.

Bug, watching the observation hive

All of the children listened to a brief lecture on the different types of bees, and what it takes to set up a man-made hive

Inside the observation hive

More of the observation hive

Jedi interacting with a bee

Jedi getting a lesson on why the clover in our yard is a good thing

Jedi loved the beekeeper's shirt!

After the lesson, the kids wanted to have a picnic on the library's lawn

My three kiddos

The biggest and the littlest watching the fountain

And taking a little walk...

....and goofing off.

All three really really loved the fountain.


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