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Baby Birds, week 1 June 18, 2011

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So far, mama bird has been letting the kids and I look at her babies every day this week.  She doesn’t seem at all stressed, and just sits on a nearby post and watches us or goes off and catches a few worms and then comes back to feed her babies after we’ve taken a quick peek.  It’s amazing how big the babies are getting and how much they are changing!

Day 2:

Three little ones, just a day old

Waiting for food

Stretching their bodies

Day 3:

And baby #4 is born!

The older babies are starting to get some fluffy feathers

Sleepy babies!

Day 4:

The little ones are starting to fill the nest a bit more now!

Getting a little fuzzier!

Two interesting things...first, you can see the bone structure in the wings starting to form. Second, you can see the fecal sac--mama bird either eats it, or carries it off like a trash bag, depending on the age of the baby. This helps keep the nest clean.

Day 5:

The little guys are really getting bigger! There's a lot less room in the nest today.


One Response to “Baby Birds, week 1”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I’m loving these pictures – and I am so jealous! We had one little robin in a nest outside my kitchen window and it just flew away this weekend. I couldn’t see inside the nest so these pictures are a revelation! But I loved watching the little head peeking out and watching the feathers develop. I am really missing that little baby now!

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