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Two brand new babies! June 13, 2011

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No, not those babies. 😉

A couple weeks ago, I posted pictures of the killdeer nest in our garden.  Well, about 5 feet away from the killdeer nest, a robin built a nest on a fence post!  So, we’ve been able to watch both bird families tend to their eggs.  This morning, I went out to the garden and got quite the surprise…2 brand new baby robins!  They had just been born a couple hours before!  (And by the end of the day, baby #3 was starting to poke through the shell!)

Right now, mama bird is used to the kids and I around the gardens, so she doesn’t freak out.  She actually just sits by and quietly watches us, even as I lift the kids up to see the nest…we can get within inches of the birds and she doesn’t seem to mind right now.  So, as long as mama bird doesn’t mind, I can continue to get pictures.  The second she starts feeling threatened or bothered, we’ll stop…we saw daddy bird attack 2 other birds who flew into the airspace above the nest, so we don’t want to mess with them. 😉

Here are pictures of our newest little hatchlings!

About 2 weeks ago, the 4th egg was laid in the nest. Mama bird laid 1 egg in the nest each day for 4 days.

Early this morning, these two little sweeties hatched!

Look how cute! I think he's hungry!

The siblings snuggling up for a nap.

Bird #3 making his way out of the egg. This was after dinner tonight, so I suspect he has hatched now that it's been a couple hours.



3 Responses to “Two brand new babies!”

  1. allyrae Says:

    WOW!! What a great site, thank you! I’ve been able to get pictures every day (including one with the fecal sac…that wasn’t intentional. LOL!). In the next couple days, I’ll post the daily happenings in the nest. The birds are really starting to fill out the nest, so I’d bet in the next week or so, they’ll be ready to start flying. 🙂 (Still waiting on those baby killdeer. Mama killdeer’s getting really territorial, so I’m betting we’ll see those babies soon. Then I’ll get to reclaim my veggie garden. 😉 )

  2. Staci Says:

    Thought you might enjoy this site:

    My children just happened to come in with part of a shell they found in our front yard, so Robins were in topic in our home.

    My DD9 and DD7 particularly enjoyed the information about how baby robins keep their nest clean! My son spends a lot of time with girls, so he gets very excited about things my DD thinks

  3. Leslie Says:

    These pictures are wonderful! We had a baby robin hatch outside our kitchen window this weekend, but can’t see into the nest. We only get the little head straining for food from time to time so it is really fun to see what must be going on inside! We have beens surprised how little time momma bird seems to sit on the nest now. She must be off looking for food? Thanks for the pics!

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