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Toddler Tuesday April 26, 2011

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Bitty Bug is 2 years 3 months old

With it being Easter weekend, Bug spent most of her time in the school room transferring easter eggs.  She loved that work!  I already posted pictures of that last week, so it’s not included in the pictures this week.  I’m pretty sure she spent hours working with those eggs–opening and closing them, matching the colors, and putting them in the egg carton.  It’s amazing to watch the level of concentration and the time a toddler can spend with just simple materials!   It surely goes against the stereotype that toddlers are always moving and can’t sit still.


Since it pretty much hasn't stopped raining in Central Ohio for over a week, we now become very very happy that we built our house with a huge front porch. Bug and Monkey love sitting on the porch playing with sidewalk chalk!

Bug loves transferring activities--water, rice, pom poms, it doesn't matter. Here, she's spooning rice into the smaller bowls.

She also worked with this little globe. Inside the globe are tiny little figurines representing various countries. She loved setting all the little people up!

She has no idea what the various letters are, but she enjoyed trying to match the letters to the spaces. Then I read the word to her while she pointed at the object.

She's still transferring rice!

I found this puzzle at a curriculum sale this past week and all three kids love it. You put the state in the correct spot, and it tells you the state, nickname of the state, capital, and a fact about the state.


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