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Making homemade paper April 25, 2011

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This project took on a dual purpose this week.  First, since we were studying China, making paper was appropriate, as paper was invented in China (according to the book Look What Came From China).  Second, because it was Earth Day, I wanted the kids to do something to reuse resources we already had in the house.

First, the girls ripped up some scrap paper that was in the recycling bin. Old bills, junk mail, used drawing paper, anything goes...

Then we filled the blender about half full of paper.

Then we added water until the blender was about 3/4 of the way full.

Then, we turned the blender on 'puree' for about 60 seconds

We tossed in a handful of grass--you can use grass, flower petals, or really anything that's somewhat flat.

After blending the grass on 'mix' for 30 seconds, we poured the mixture onto a window screen (we bought them in the frame from a home improvement store for very little money) and put the screen over a cookie sheet.

After letting it drip for an hour, I laid the screen on the towel, put a second screen over it, and then squeezed the paper with a towel on top too in order to get all the excess water out.

After letting it sit and dry for 24 hours, we had a perfect sheet of art paper (probably not good for pens, but good for paint or markers. 🙂 )



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