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Toddler Tuesday March 29, 2011

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Bitty Bug is 2 years 2 months old


As Bug gets older, it’s interesting to see her natural progression from the work of an infant/young toddler to the work of a preschooler.  It seems like Bitty Bug is starting to resist the work that’s been set out for her, and more and more she is gravitating towards the preschool level work.  Unfortunately, she gets very disappointed that she’s not really ready for that work–while it looks really interesting to her, bead chains just aren’t appropriate work for a young 2 year old. 😉  Part of me thinks she’s just trying to copy what her sister does, and if she was in a regular classroom for kids her own age, she’d probably still be gravitating towards the younger works.  But part of me also sees that she genuinely is curious about the work for older children.  She already knows her colors, can count to 10 (in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (thanks to the Vietnamese language CDs we play for Monkey), and is so proud of herself when she does that.  So, I see her trying to work on things like Color Box 2 or work where she has to count the objects.  So, it really is interesting to me to see her progression!


Bug really enjoyed the turtle lesson....and she loved wearing the turtle shell on her back!

Working on her dot art

The spring sensory bin...hay, silk flowers, pots, gravel (easier to clean off the carpet than dirt...LOL!), ladybugs, butterflies, birds, eggs, & nests

A nest with baby birds and eggs


Pots, gravel, & flowers

Bug and Monkey using the sensory table


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