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Montessori Monday March 14, 2011

Monkey is 4 years 1 month old

The past week was much slower than the weeks before, in part because things were so busy with the family as a whole.  But, Monkey was able to do some work…especially the nature based work (mostly because I teach nature studies for preschoolers at Monkey’s homeschool co-op).

We did a in-depth unit on frogs & toads this past week. Here is one of our favorite books (Uncover Frog), and our guidebook of Ohio amphibians.

Our "life cycle of a frog" display--frogs/tadpoles/eggs in acrylic

Parts of a frog puzzle

Life cycle of a frog craft

Life cycle and frog figurines (I have no idea where the tadpole went...the kids had it when they were working with it, but when I went to take the pictures, it was gone)

Number rods & sandpaper numbers

Color box 3


One Response to “Montessori Monday”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I wish my boys could do to your nature studies class – sounds like fun! Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday. 🙂

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