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Around the World–Japan March 14, 2011

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I have a couple posts to write in the next couple days because I fell a bit behind last week, and then by the time I had time to sit and blog, it was already close enough to work on this week’s posts.

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with every one of my readers who is in Japan or who have family and friends there.  What an absolutely devastating week the nation of Japan has had.  Obviously, it was not the end of our month-long unit on Japan that we were anticipating.

(And I’m a little afraid for France, which will be our next unit.  After our Brazil unit, there were horrible mudslides that caused many deaths, and then at the end of our Japan unit, there were earthquakes and tsunamis.  Hopefully the world will calm down soon!)

To conclude our unit on Japan, the kids and I did some origami, of course!  Jedi had a *ton* of fun with his Origami Yoda (the instructions were at the end of the book ‘The Case of the Origami Yoda’) –I’m pretty sure he carried it around with him everywhere for a couple weeks.  Until our dog, ironically enough named Yoda, ate it.  And thus, Origami Yoda’s demise came from a furry 4 legged Yoda.  Go figure…

Our origami animal collection--bird, snake, elephant, crane, and fish

Bug created her own origami...she said it was a house for the elephant! LOL!

Jedi making his origami


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