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Around the world: Japan February 15, 2011

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After a month of studying the beautiful country of Brazil, we are now starting a month-long unit on another beautiful country, clear across the world in Japan.  As we wait on our package from Little Passports, we began our introduction to Japan by looking at various pictures, exploring replicas of Japanese currency, reading books, and woring on some coloring sheets.  As the month progresses, we’ll be doing some origami, cooking some traditional Japanese food, and listening to traditional music.  It should be a fun unit!

On a completely unrelated note (well, kind of unrelated)…when I was searching the library databases for books about Japan and origami, I found a book called “The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda”.  Of course, I picked it up for Jedi.  What better book for a child with asperger’s who loves Star Wars than a book about a child with asperger’s that makes an origami Yoda that can tell the future.  So, if there are any other elementary school kids out there that love Star Wars, but you don’t want to get yet another purely Star Wars book, this one’s a funny one. 🙂

Here are some pictures of what is on the culture shelf this week:

The books on the culture shelf this week

A copy of the Japanese flag, with a sheet for the kids to color

A copy of a map of Japan, with the landmarks marked, and a map coloring sheet for the kids. I also have the continent map puzzle of Asia out for the kids to work on.

Landmark and culture cards

Animals native to Japan

Art & musical instruments

Currency (not real...I just printed it off google and laminated it)

A couple random things...a postcard from a friend in Japan that we received in a swap, a picture, and a brochure (the brochure we got on our layover in Japan on the way to Vietnam 3 years ago...I have no idea what that says!)


One Response to “Around the world: Japan”

  1. Tom Angleberger Says:

    Very few people have figured out that Origami Yoda is about Aspergers. How did you know??

    Also, as long as you are enjoying Japan – don’t forget about Pytagoro Suichee. AKA Pythagoras Switch. This Aspie loves it!


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