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Montessori Monday & Toddler Tuesday, a little late February 2, 2011

 Tot School

Monkey is 3 years, 11.5 months old, Bitty Bug is 24 months old

I’m a bit late posting our review this week….not only have we been really busy, but the weather’s been pretty bad so we were dealing with the weather issues as well.  But everyone’s safe, we have electricity & heat, and all’s good. 🙂

Our two main school things this week were a field trip with our homeschool group to complete a gingerbread themed unit and then our Vietnamese culture day we hosted for the homeschool group.  Those two things kept our girls quite busy!

The gingerbread unit was really fun, and was put together by our local friends, who write the blog The Attached Mama.  There were several books available that had a gingerbread theme (including my favorite, Gingerbread Baby!).  The kids also decorated a foam gingerbread boy, and of course, afterwards, they ate their own gingerbread boy!  The craft was very good for fine motor skills–both of my little ones loved designing their gingerbread boy, and then putting all of the decorations on piece by piece.

The second event was the Vietnamese culture day.  This week is Tet, or the Vietnamese New Year (which is the same day as the Chinese New Year).  Because Monkey was born in Vietnam, we decided to host a lesson on Tet, as well as bringing out our items we bought in Vietnam so that the kids can explore, experience, and use various items to help them develop an awareness and appreciation for Vietnamese culture.

Here are some pictures of our fun learning week!

Bug designing her gingerbread and putting the decorations on

Monkey putting the decorations on her gingerbread! I loved that she used a ribbon for the mouth.

Some Vietnamese dolls, laquerwear, fans, nesting dolls, and a brochure for the war prison that John McCain was held captive in.

Some of the books I had out for the kids to read.

A conical hat and picture book (as well as the photograph of the red bridge that we always have hanging there)

Water puppets

The book Ten Mice for Tet, which is a cute little story about Tet.

Vietnamese currency (Dong)

Some music CDs I had playing in the background

Some postcards and photos of Hanoi

Some Ao Dais (traditional Vietnamese formal clothing)

Some musical instruments I had out for the kids to try

The dragon craft I had out for the kids to do.

The "Lucky Money" red envelopes and some fans the kids took home

Summer Rolls for the kids to eat (I also made some Pho Ga for the kids to have for lunch...Pho Ga is Vietnamese chicken noodle soup)

And just a random picture of Bug working with the knobbed cylinders


One Response to “Montessori Monday & Toddler Tuesday, a little late”

  1. LOVE the dragon craft and all the Vietnam culture! Awesome week!

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