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Toddler Tuesday January 26, 2011

Tot School

Bitty Bug is 2 years old

One thing that I’ve discovered about Bug is that she apparently, like most infants and toddlers, has an amazing ability to pick up on foreign language.  In our house, our primary language is English.  However, she does have some exposure to Mandarin and Spanish via TV and some occassional videos and books in those languages.  We all also take Korean martial arts (except Bug of course) and there is a lot of counting in Korean that Bug hears.  Monkey also takes Vietnamese lessons and we listen to children’s CDs in Vietnamese.  So, maybe it shouldn’t surprise me too much when we were driving one day and Bug started counting to 10 in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Korean…and then she started singing along with the Vietnamese CD, with perfect tone.  It is amazing what sponges little ones are!!  It also was a good reminder to find more music CDs and videos in various languages so that Bug can continue to pick up on the tones of foreign language.  I personally was never very good at picking up another language, but I didn’t start learning until upper elementary school.  Toddlers though…they have a remarkable ability to absorb other languages like a little sponge!!  I just have to figure out what language we want to concentrate on so that we can give Bug a lot of exposure to it.  I was thinking Mandarin, because that is such a useful language to know these days, but Monkey is Vietnamese-American and I don’t want her to give up learning her birth language because she hears us learning Mandarin.  It’s a delicate balance, I think.  Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt for Monkey to learn Mandarin along with Vietnamese!

And completely unrelated to language learning, Bug also had a very busy week learning other things this week.  Here are a few pictures of what she chose to work on…

Arranging snowmen by size (Snowmen courtesy of Musings of Me)

Bug working on the Pink Tower

Bug really enjoyed looking at the vertebrate books this week as well! She kept repeating that vertebrates had backbones. And then all by herself, she came up with "dinosaurs have backbones"! I'm so proud of my smart little bug!

Building a snowman (snowman courtesy of Musings of Me)


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