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Around the World–Brazil, continued January 26, 2011

Filed under: Geography & Culture — Barefoot in Suburbia @ 4:41 pm

This month, we’re still continuing our work on studying Brazil.  All of last week’s materials are still on the culture shelf, and this week we added a few new additions:

Here are some pictures of life in various places in Brazil.  I put pictures of children & families in Brazil, houses, meals, and daily life.

I also added cards of various pieces of artwork that originated in Brazil.  I tried to choose various mediums, time periods, and subjects in choosing pieces of artwork.

Because gemstone mining is really big in Brazil, our Little Passports package this month came with an amethyst.  The kids *really* enjoyed seeing a real amethyst, and I think this was one of their favorite parts of the unit!

We also listened to the national anthem of Brazil, which the kids also enjoyed. 

Coming up this week, we are going to attempt to cook a recipe from Brazil, as well as do a craft or two.


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